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Health And Welfare Benefits Of A Varied Diet For Horses

by Justine Harrison

The New Forest pony is a native breed of the British Isles. Many of them are domestic horses that are ridden and worked, but free to roam and graze across a large area of “common” land, which has a varied terrain with a diverse range of plants and trees.

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Best Practices in Husbandry and Handling

by Laura Monaco Torelli

It has been a very busy and exciting time since the inaugural journal issue. Video submissions have been pouring into my email from talented trainers and veterinary professionals from around the world.

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Equine Video Ethogram

by Lauren Fraser

Understanding body language is one of the core skills anyone living with animals needs in order to make the best decisions about their care.

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What Do Trainers Know About How Horses Learn?

by Gina Garey

When the June 2016 issue of the IAABC Journal ran an article on eliminating the use of aversives in equestrian training, I felt inspired to offer a summary of my study on the current use of these methods in equestrian training.

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