Category: Shelter

Case Study: Raisin

by Amy Schindler

Raisin is a young dog; she lacks impulse control and a proper outlet for her excessive energy. She jumps on people and bites at clothing, particularly when she is off leash and when the person makes themselves level with her.

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Interview With Dr. Alexandra Protopopova

by Barbara Davis

“I was actually planning to be a veterinarian.” And so were declared the earliest professional aspirations of Alexandra (Sasha) Protopopova, PhD, a scientist whose work is finding a varied and eager audience in the animal welfare world these days.

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The Ethics of Medicating Dogs with Behavior Issues in a Shelter Setting

by Susan Cullinan

Each year, millions of pets are surrendered to humane societies, county pounds, and private rescue groups. While a survey of the research shows broad variation nationally, it is fairly well accepted that somewhere between three and four million dogs per year are admitted to one of these types of rescue associations (throughout this article I will refer to them collectively as “rescue”).

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